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About us

Champagne Room is a unique importer and distributor of Grower’s Champagne in Romania, promoting strictly small Champagne producers, family brands who grow their own grapes and make excellent quality sparkling wines in very small quantities. We have judiciously tasted many types of Champagne in the past 7-8 years and made a very strict selection of producers based mainly on the quality of the Champagne, aspect of the bottle, price and, in some cases, international recognition.

Brands like Champagne Vilmart&Cie and Pierre Moncuit have a lot of international press coverage and they are often praised for their outstanding quality worldwide. They are present in some of the best Michelin starred restaurants in the world, while producers like Champagne Herve Dubois, Champagne Michel Genet, Champagne Dhont Grellet and Champagne Lacourte Guillemart are gems we have discovered ourselves. These are small producers that usually own not more than 6-7 ha in total and produce about 50-80.000 bottles per year as total production.

Champagne Room is a pioneer in promoting small boutique Grower’s Champagne (Champagne de vignerons) in Romania and we pride ourselves in being able to offer these high quality sparkling wines to all bubble lovers.

Champagne Room is also a valued provider of special services and customized solutions like sending Champagne gifts, gift sets, business presents, tasting evenings, original lists of champagnes for restaurants and champagne bars at hotels.

We gladly invite you to discover the amazing world of great Champagne together with us !




Sampanii atent selectionate de la producatori celebri din Franta, parcele Premier si Grand Cru, Blanc de Blancs, Blanc de Noirs. Importator unic. Livrare rapida din stoc.





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